• After years of project management, design experience and talent accumulation, in recent years, 毕威体育betway|官网主页 has reformed operation management model, with the project as the core. Adopting a faster and more convenient management method, improving quality and efficiency, reducing incompetent employees, which effectively urges employees, employees initiative turnover rate is zero.

    Welcome to visit the website of Guizhou East China Engineering Co., Ltd.!


    Guizhou East China Engineering Co., Ltd. is an engineering company restructured from a provincial-level chemical design institute with a history of 60 years. It is affiliated to the third-level subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation, a large central enterprise.


    With the growth and development of the motherland, 毕威体育betway|官网主页 has spent more than 60 years, for these years, it has been adhering to the corporate concept of “Science and technology to revitalize enterprises, Project establishment career and diligently serve the country”, to the cultural concept of “work and move forward together to build a career platform”,  毕威体育betway|官网主页 is based on business and serves industry, it has made its own contribution to the construction of the motherland in the chemical petrochemical pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection industry, municipal industry and construction engineering industry with its professional expertise and craftsman spirit.


    “ When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you'll ride the wind and cleave the waves. ” We believe that in the years to come, 毕威体育betway|官网主页 will adopt a development strategy of “improving quality and efficiency, market business transformation, distinctive technologies, compound talents, incentives for equity, and condensed culture”. Through the hard work of all employees and the fine business, the company will realize the corporate vision of “providing high-quality products and services for domestic and foreign customers” and become an excellent small and medium-sized engineering company with design, EPC and project management.


    Thank you for your support! Look forward to working with you!

  • Guizhou East China Engineering Co., Ltd. was originally established in September 1958 as the Guizhou Provincial Chemical Design Institute, which is affiliated to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Chemical Industry. In July 2008, the company carried out asset restructuring and shareholding system reform, and established a joint-stock company, Guizhou East China Engineering Co., Ltd., which is a Being held by the central enterprise ECEC and has a modern

    enterprise system. The party organization relationship is affiliated to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

    The company has a team of scientific and technological talents with diverse disciplines and reasonable grades. The company has about 130 employees and an average age of 37 years, including 1 engineering survey and design master in China's petroleum and chemical industry, 1 outstanding young surveying designer in Guizhou Province, 4 professor-level senior engineers, 40 senior engineers, 40 engineers, 61 national registered engineers, 2 "May 1 Labor" medal winners in Guizhou Province and 1 China Enterprise talents.


    The company's business areas include technical consulting, technology development, master planning, engineering design, EPC, equipment procurement and complete supply in the fields of chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, construction engineering, medical engineering, municipal engineering, environmental management, gas, heat and other fields. Construction installation management, technical training, etc.

  • 压力管道设计许可证-副本

    Pressure Pipe Design License

  • 压力容器副本

    Pressure Vessel Design License

  • 2016年优秀工程咨询成果一等奖

    First Prize for Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements

  • 瓮安县天一矿业有限公司贵州省瓮安县玉华乡老虎洞磷矿化工项目规划2016优秀工程咨询成果二等奖

    Second Prize for Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements

  • 优秀工程咨询成果二等奖

    Second Prize for Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements

  • 榆林市榆神工业区衡溢盐业有限公司盐化工循环经济综合利用项目预可行性研究报告2016优秀工程咨询成果三等奖-副本

    Third Prize for Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements

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  • EPC
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Municipal Environmental Protection
  • Construction
  • Medical Engineering
  • 中阿毕威体育betway除尘深度治理

    China-Arab Exhaust Dust Removal Treatment Project

  • betway手机平台紫金化工皮带栈桥

    Wengfu Zijin Chemical Belt Trestle Project

  • betway手机平台集团电子级磷酸生产装置

    Wengfu Group Electronic Grade Phosphoric Acid Production Unit

  • betway手机平台集团达州化工碘回收

    Wengfu Group Dazhou Chemical Iodine Recovery Device

  • betway手机平台集团北海港罐区

    Wengfu Group North Sea Tank Area Project

  • betway手机平台集团25万吨/年磷石膏制硫酸铵

    Wengfu Group 250,000 tons/year Ammonium Sulfate Made from Phosphogypsum Project

  • 遵义碱厂年产6万吨离子膜片碱、年产5万吨PVC

    Zunyi Alkali Plant Produces 60,000 tons of Ionized Membrane Alkali and 50,000 tons of PVC per year.

  • 遵义碱厂离子膜烧碱生产线

    Zunyi Alkali Plant Ionic Membrane Caustic Soda Production Line

  • 中化开磷专用货场物料贮运

    Sinochem Kailin Special Cargo Yard Material Storage and Transportation Project

  • 中化开磷运输栈桥

    Sinochem Kailin Transportation Trestle Project

  • 中化开磷季戊四醇

    Sinochem Kailin Pentaerythritol Project.

  • 浙江兴诺年产36000立方米气凝胶超级绝热材料扩产

    Zhejiang Xingnuo Annual Production of 36,000m³ Aerogel Super Insulation Material Expansion Project

  • 中阿毕威体育betway除尘深度治理

    China-Arab Exhaust Dust Removal Treatment Project

  • 中阿除尘深度治理

    China-Arab Dedusting Deeply Treatment Project

  • betway手机平台集团重安江流域治理

    Wengfu Grou Zhongan River Basin Governance Project

  • betway手机平台集团重安江流域治理

    Wengfu Grou Zhongan River Basin Governance Project

  • 突尼斯化学集团毕威体育betway脱硝处理

    Tunisia Chemical Group Tail Gas Denitrification Treatment Project

  • 突尼斯化学集团毕威体育betway脱硝处理

    Tunisia Chemical Group Tail Gas Denitrification Treatment Project

  • 息烽瑞丰汽车检测站综合楼

    Xifeng Ruifeng Automobile Inspection Station Complex Building Project

  • 绥阳县2018年洋川镇城市棚户区改造

    Yangchuan Town, Shuyang County,2018 Urban Residents Reconstruction Project 

  • 盘县东湖明珠酒店

    Panxian Donghu Pearl Hotel Project 

  • 盘江煤电总部

    Panjiang Coal and Electricity Headquarters Project

  • 六盘水大湾镇人居环境整治

    Dawan Town, Liupanshui City Human Settlements Renovation Project  

  • 连云港中科院能源动力研究中心

    Lianyungang Energy Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences Project

  • 黔南州三都县水族医药文化产业园

    Guizhou Sandu County Aquatic Medicine and Culture Industrial Park Project

  • 景峰制药大健康城

    Jingfeng Pharmaceutical Health City Project

  • 惠水百年酒业

    Huishui Centennial Wine Industry Project

  • 贵州三都水族产业园

    Guizhou Sandu Aquarium Industrial Park Project

  • 贵州金天力药业

    Guizhou Jin Tianli pharmaceutical industry Project

  • 贵州建设投资开发抗肿瘤药产业化基地

    Guizhou Construction Investment Development Anti-tumor Drug Industrialization Base Project

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